Extra Resources

  • Historical Context of Slavery and Other Evil Deeds

    Have your teachers/professors given you the impression that slavery was unique to us? Apparently, this false impression is very common. My own earlier education was deficient in this way. But it is not too late to learn the truth. Likewise, have you been taught that European imperialism, including the inhumane treatment of the native Americans, […]

  • Multiculturalism and Leftist Privilege

    “The Office for Diversity Education is committed to building and maintaining a more inclusive and welcoming environment for EVERYONE on the Newberry College Campus. Through educational initiatives and action, the Institution will focus on implementing and supporting the college’s commitment to promote personal and social acceptance, development, awareness and understanding of diversity, multiculturalism, and social […]

  • The Transgender Phenomenon

    Is it a good idea to identify with a subjective sense of gender, as opposed to an objective measurement? Does this actually enhance the mental health of those who feel like they are at odds with their biological sex? I’m agnostic, and quite skeptical, on these questions. In my view, the concept of “transgender” has […]

  • How to talk to a SJW

    When challenging the SJW world-view, it is important to be polite. Some SWJ’s try to portray anyone who does not accept their theories as a flat-earth troglodyte. If you lose your cool and get mad, you are just making it easier for them to portray you as an ignorant cretin. So instead, just listen politely, […]

  • Unsolicited Advice for “Oppressed” People

    A very wise man once said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” One common theme that I hear from individuals who are deemed to be in a “victim” class is that they want the benefit of the doubt. A black person walking down the street or in a store does […]

  • Does “Social Justice” lead to more white nationalism?

    Some observers cite an apparent increase in white nationalism (although, to my knowledge, this apparent increase has not been measured and may be small.) It makes sense to me that the racial tribalism of minority groups, coupled with a reverse-caste system in which those who are deemed “privileged” must go to the bottom of the […]

  • Can We Disagree With People of Color?

    I’ve heard over and over the idea that “if you are not a person of color, then there is just no way you can challenge their experience if they feel oppressed.” This is untrue–but with a tiny grain of truth. We can’t challenge anyone’s subjective experience, but neither can they challenge ours. Each of us […]

  • Best Links

    After you have gone through The Guide, here are some of the best links to continue educating yourself about Social Justice issues: Prager U. This site has fabulous five minute videos about many topics, many of which touch on Social Justice concerns. Caters to a university audience. Campus Reform. This is a great place to […]

  • SJWs: You Are Responsible for 100’s of Black Deaths

    Dear Social Justice Warriors: Even though you probably have the best of intentions, you are responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of black deaths. If you believe in acknowledging past sins, then it’s time for you to own up to this one. This note is intended for non-black SJWs who support the Black Lives Matter […]

  • Does White Racism Cause Black Under-Achievement? Part 1

    Blacks, on average, are doing poorly compared to almost every other racial category. Specifically, according to a report by Pew, compared with whites, in 2014 black income was about 61% white income. Blacks are also doing considerably worse than whites in terms of wealth, money saved at retirement, poverty, and unemployment. “More than two-thirds of […]

  • Does White Racism Cause Black Under-Achievement? Part 2

    In Part 1, we showed that blacks are significantly under-performing academically, compared with whites. Next, the fearless inquirer will ask, is this disparity due to a genetic difference in innate intelligence, or is it due to environmental factors? It is highly politically incorrect to even ask this question. However, if we don’t address this question […]

  • Does White Racism Cause Black Under-Achievement? Part 3

    So, we have shown that blacks, on average, are significantly less qualified for jobs requiring cognitive skills. We have shown that the difference is caused by environmental factors. We have explored one very key environmental factor: the educational system which is failing black students. However, there is another environmental factor that deserves mention: black culture. […]

  • Does White Racism Cause Black Under-Achievement? Part 4

    In previous parts to this series, we have explored the fact that blacks, on average, have lower cognitive skills; that this is not caused by a difference in innate intelligence, but by environmental factors; and what the main environmental factors are. Now, let’s come back to the main, over-arching question of this series: Is there […]

  • Does White Racism Cause Black Under-Achievement? Part 5

    We have explored the fact that there is little evidence that white racism is much of a factor in black under-achievement. So why do SJWs apparently believe that white racism is holding back the progress of black people? According to Shelby Steele, author of White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the […]

  • Does White Racism Cause Black Under-Achievement? Part 6

    Now, you will find some SJWs who will insist that white racism is responsible for black under-achievement, despite the following facts (elaborated upon in Parts 1-5 and in The Guide): Blacks were paid 9% more than whites when cognitive skills were taken into account (in 1991) and racism has continued to decline since then White […]

  • Is Diversity Our Strength?

    How many times a week do we hear that diversity is our strength? Right now, there is a big push for institutions of every kind to be diverse. “Diversity Officer” is a hot new career path (although it is questionable whether they actually provide a useful service). Personally, I love being around people from many […]

  • The Democratic Party’s History of Slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK

    Social Justice Warriors have a pattern of holding up past sins committed by the United States (and Europeans generally) as if these past sins define who we are today. Former president Obama once said, “… the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives — you know, that casts a […]

  • Democrats’ Responsibility for Poor Quality Minority Schools

    Inner city schools are often poor quality, and many minorities go to these schools. The overwhelming majority of white people in this country have nothing whatsoever to do with these problems. Almost all of these inner cities are managed by Democrats, and there is good reason to believe that this is a significant part of […]

  • Are Some Liberals Against Identity Politics?

    The short answer is “yes”. There are a few. Phoebe Maltz Bovy has written the book, THE PERILS OF “PRIVILEGE” Why Injustice Can’t Be Solved by Accusing Others of Advantage. Mark Lilla has written a book, The Once and Future Liberal, in which he takes issue with identity politics from a liberal perspective. However, by and large, […]

  • Jordan Peterson: If He’s “The Stupid Man’s Smart Person” It’s a Very Good Thing

    Dr. Jordan Peterson is a psychologist who has achieved fame (some would say “infamy”) for standing up to SJWs in a very robust manner. If you haven’t yet seen his interview with Cathy Newman of Channel 4 in the UK, it’s a must-see video. He presents facts that are unassailable. So, SJWs the world over are […]