When challenging the SJW world-view, it is important to be polite. Some SWJ’s try to portray anyone who does not accept their theories as a flat-earth troglodyte. If you lose your cool and get mad, you are just making it easier for them to portray you as an ignorant cretin. So instead, just listen politely, then smile and say, for example, “That’s very interesting. I actually don’t buy into it at all though, because I believe in one set of rules for all, rather than having a double standard.”

Then they will reply, and you can just smile and listen very politely, and then say, “Yes, I understand you are thinking about it that way. You’re thinking that [briefly summarize their points] However, I really don’t agree. It still looks like a double standard to me and I don’t believe double standards equate to justice.” Please continue to think for yourself.

Of course, if they say something you agree with, it is useful to acknowledge that as well. For example, “Yes, I agree that white people on average have a higher income than some minorities. However, whites also have a lower income than some minorities. And I disagree that this is the cause of the problems that black people are facing.” “Yes, I understand that black people are killed by the police at a rate that is disproportionate to their share of the population. I understand that many black people are upset about this. I’m sure I would be too. However, I do not believe this is caused by racism because the rate that blacks are killed by police is roughly proportionate to blacks’ share of violent crime.”

Agreeing with what they say that is true makes it easier for them to listen to you, and it also makes it more difficult for them to portray you as irrational.

Also, you don’t have to think on your feet. Most all of us have had the experience of not knowing what to say in a situation, and then later thinking of what we wish we had said. It’s normal. So if a SJW bombards you with all sorts of theory that you’ve never heard of, and then asks you to agree with them, it’s perfectly fine to say “That’s very interesting. I’ll think it over,” or “I’m not so sure I agree but I’ll need some time to process that.” So don’t worry about whether you will be able to think fast enough. Even if you don’t come up with a good answer on the spot, you still don’t need to feel pressured to agree with them.

Printing out some resources from this Guide will also help you, because you can have quick facts at your fingertips and don’t need to remember them all. However, there is no Guide that contains every possible piece of information you could want. We can’t predict everything the SJW could possibly say, so we just do what we can and then don’t worry about it.

It is important that you do not feel a need to get the SJW to agree. He or she probably will not agree, no matter what you say (and likewise, you will probably not agree with him or her, no matter what he or she says). The goal is understanding. If he or she ends up understanding your point of view, and you understand his or hers, then your goal is reached.

For that matter, even if he or she does not understand you, all you can do is present your viewpoint to the best of your ability, and then however much they understand is fine.