Welcome to Social Justice Survival Guide

This site is created to be a comprehensive resource for students going into college and their parents, to help students survive and even thrive in a college environment that is:

  •   •  Increasingly ideologically limited to leftist views
  •   •  Increasingly hostile to non-conforming independent thought
  •   •  Increasingly failing the central mission of education in favor of political activism


In addition, these resources can be very useful for students in high school and even middle school, where leftist views may predominate. A small portion of the material may not be age-appropriate for younger students, so we advise parents to take a leading role in these cases.

Students: This guide will help you…

  •   •  Avoid the “identity privilege” trap
  •   •  Expose the “implicit racism” hoax
  •   •  Thumb your nose at racial guilt
  •   •  Avoid or confront the campus grievance culture
  •   •  Avoid being brainwashed by activist professors
  •   •  Call out SJWs errors in logic
  •   •  AND MORE!


The Guide (Start Here)

  • Intro

    This is a must-read Guide for young college students who care about real justice, fairness, and clear-thinking. It is an antidote to the Social Justice indoctrination that has become common in American universities, and increasingly starts in high schools and even middle schools. This is not an easy time to be attending our nation’s colleges […]

  • What Is Justice?

    The term “Social Justice” implies that the SJ program dispenses justice. But does it? First, what does the word “justice” mean? Here are a number of bedrock principles for a justice system that is fair: Individuals are assumed to be innocent (unless proven guilty). For example, we do not assume that an individual person is […]

  • Identities

    You might not have thought much about your identity or identities before. You might have just thought about yourself as a person. However, when you arrive at college, you are likely to be taught that what you thought you knew about yourself was wrong. It’s a mistake to just think about yourself as a human […]

Extra Resources

  • Historical Context of Slavery and Other Evil Deeds

    Have your teachers/professors given you the impression that slavery was unique to us? Apparently, this false impression is very common. My own earlier education was deficient in this way. But it is not too late to learn the truth. Likewise, have you been taught that European imperialism, including the inhumane treatment of the native Americans, […]

  • Multiculturalism and Leftist Privilege

    “The Office for Diversity Education is committed to building and maintaining a more inclusive and welcoming environment for EVERYONE on the Newberry College Campus. Through educational initiatives and action, the Institution will focus on implementing and supporting the college’s commitment to promote personal and social acceptance, development, awareness and understanding of diversity, multiculturalism, and social […]

  • The Transgender Phenomenon

    Is it a good idea to identify with a subjective sense of gender, as opposed to an objective measurement? Does this actually enhance the mental health of those who feel like they are at odds with their biological sex? I’m agnostic, and quite skeptical, on these questions. In my view, the concept of “transgender” has […]

Recent Posts

  • Jordan Peterson: If He’s “The Stupid Man’s Smart Person” It’s a Very Good Thing

    Dr. Jordan Peterson is a psychologist who has achieved fame (some would say “infamy”) for standing up to SJWs in a very robust manner. If you haven’t yet seen his interview with Cathy Newman of Channel 4 in the UK, it’s a must-see video. He presents facts that are unassailable. So, SJWs the world over are […]

  • Are Some Liberals Against Identity Politics?

    The short answer is “yes”. There are a few. Phoebe Maltz Bovy has written the book, THE PERILS OF “PRIVILEGE” Why Injustice Can’t Be Solved by Accusing Others of Advantage. Mark Lilla has written a book, The Once and Future Liberal, in which he takes issue with identity politics from a liberal perspective. However, by and large, […]

  • Democrats’ Responsibility for Poor Quality Minority Schools

    Inner city schools are often poor quality, and many minorities go to these schools. The overwhelming majority of white people in this country have nothing whatsoever to do with these problems. Almost all of these inner cities are managed by Democrats, and there is good reason to believe that this is a significant part of […]