The term “Social Justice” implies that the SJ program dispenses justice. But does it?

First, what does the word “justice” mean?

Here are a number of bedrock principles for a justice system that is fair:

  1. Individuals are assumed to be innocent (unless proven guilty). For example, we do not assume that an individual person is guilty based on his or her skin color, gender, and other attributes.
  2. An individual cannot be held responsible for crimes committed by another. For example, if a white person committed crimes 200 years ago, it is not just to hold random white people responsible for these crimes today.
  3. There is one set of rules for everyone, regardless of what attributes they have or what groups they belong to.
  4. The truth, as best we can know it, is determined through evidence, not feelings. In the past, lynch mobs sometimes punished people based on the emotions of a mob of people. Today, we know that this “mob justice” was not just, and that many innocent people were put to death based on the feelings of the mob.
  5. Guilt or innocence is determined by an unbiased jury (as much as this can possibly be accomplished). If a jury is filled with jurors who have already made up their minds, or if the jury is biased against someone based on their skin color or other attributes, this is more likely to result in an incorrect finding than if the jury is unbiased.
  6. The accused has a right to cross-examine witnesses, and to present witnesses and evidence in his or her favor.

Now, you already know more about real justice than a lot of the SJWs out there!

So, you’re ready to understand the SJ “Identity” concept, so you can avoid their Identity trap. Click the link down on the right for “Identities”.