Now, you will find some SJWs who will insist that white racism is responsible for black under-achievement, despite the following facts (elaborated upon in Parts 1-5 and in The Guide):

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would look at these facts and still believe that white racism is a primary cause of black under-achievement. However, despite all of this, some SJWs will insist that I haven’t disproven the possibility that white racism is responsible for black under-achievement. However, if we are actually interested in justice, then it is not necessary for me or anyone to disprove anything. The burden of proof is on them, and there is a very good reason for it.

Imagine that someone accuses you as an individual of being a racist. Is there any way you can disprove this claim?

You might protest, “But I have many friends of all races.” However, this is routinely rejected as evidence that someone is not racist.

You could say, “But my spouse is black.” So what? You could still be racist.

You could say, “I am for equal opportunities for all, regardless of race!” However, you might not be telling the truth, or you could have “unconscious bias“.

There is really no evidence you could offer to disprove the claim that you are racist.

Fortunately, however, you don’t have to. It would be an injustice for someone to slander you as a racist without solid evidence to support their claim. They are the ones who have a burden of proof.

Individuals are assumed to be innocent unless proven guilty. This is a bedrock principle of any decent justice system. And it applies to everyone, including white people. (Note: SJWs routinely violate this principle of justice, and accuse people of racism simply for disagreeing with them, or even just for being white. But that is not justice.)

So, in order for white racism to be fairly blamed for black under-achievement, the SJWs would first have to quantify the racial discrimination against blacks, subtract out the racial discrimination in blacks’ favor, and then prove that what remains is sufficient to make it impossible for blacks to advance. Kind of unlikely, given the facts listed above.

Here’s an idea: Since way back in 1991, blacks have been paid 9% more than whites of comparable cognitive skills, and since we know that blacks on average have lower cognitive skills than whites, and we know that cognitive skills are highly correlated with success, let’s just hypothesize that improving blacks’ cognitive skills has a better chance of improving black achievement than chasing the elusive remaining white racism.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting the idea of treating all citizens as individuals, based on the content of their character. However, since that’s pretty much what we are doing already, it would be a mistake to expect blacks to make significant material gains from this pursuit.

And that’s the real injustice of the so-called “Social Justice” program. Blacks (and everyone who cares about blacks and wants to see them more successful) are fooled into wasting resources on strategies that will not work to get the result, because they are not addressing the actual problem that is responsible for holding back blacks in America. And in the process, they are slandering decent whites who are not the problem.