Some observers cite an apparent increase in white nationalism (although, to my knowledge, this apparent increase has not been measured and may be small.) It makes sense to me that the racial tribalism of minority groups, coupled with a reverse-caste system in which those who are deemed “privileged” must go to the bottom of the new pecking order, is fueling a white-nationalist backlash. We are living in a time in which college professors engage in blatant anti-white racism and approval of leftist violence, yet keep their jobs.

For example, University of Wisconsin at Madison professor Damon Sajnani, who teaches a course called “The Problem of Whiteness”, has tweeted “a picture of a CNN breaking news report about police officers being shot in Dallas. ‘Is the uprising finally starting?’ Sajnani said….”

It is impossible to imagine a professor teaching a course called “The Problem of Blackness” and celebrating violence against black people, yet keeping his position, which would be equally undesirable.

Rebellion against this institutional acceptance of anti-white racism seems inevitable, and unfortunately one form this rebellion can take is white tribalism.

It would be sad indeed, if Social Justice minority tribalism were fueling white nationalism, which of course could be used to justify even more Social Justice minority tribalism, becoming a vicious cycle.