Parents: Take some action today to help your friends who are as concerned as you are about the leftist indoctrination machine on college campuses!

Below is a sample email chain letter. Copy, modify as desired, and send to all of your friends who you think might be interested. (Please respect any anti-spam rules that may apply.)

Dear friend:

Are you concerned that sending your child to college is the same as sending him or her to a leftist indoctrination camp? Do you want your child to have the benefits of college, without being turned into a Soros clone?

You are not alone!

Millions of parents across America have the same concerns that you have. Let’s do something about it.

Unfortunately, the situation is probably even worse than you think. The techniques that the SJWs use are actually similar to the brainwashing techniques that have been used on prisoners of war, to coerce people to change their beliefs.

However, the good news is that by understanding these techniques, your student does not need to be effected by them.

Check out this resource:

Whether you just want to make sure that your student is not brainwashed, or whether you want to start a revolution against leftist campus hegemony, this is a great place to start.

Just one favor: If you agree that what is called “Social Justice” is actually injustice, and want to do something about it (without taking a lot of time), just forward this email to as many like-minded friends as you can. Let’s make this go viral.