After you have gone through The Guide, here are some of the best links to continue educating yourself about Social Justice issues:

Prager U. This site has fabulous five minute videos about many topics, many of which touch on Social Justice concerns. Caters to a university audience.

Campus Reform. This is a great place to get current news about Social Justice on campuses.

Heather MacDonald. She is the number one expert on the truth behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

National Association of Scholars. This organization is concerned about many university issues, including a lowering of academic standards and imposition of political viewpoints.

The Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro). Ben Shapiro speaks primarily to an audience under 35, often on topics involving Social Justice.

Campus Watch. This group is specifically concerned about Middle East Studies programs.

The College Fix. This is a student-reported news and opinion site with a contrarian view of political correctness and white privilege.

Campus Unmasked. This group’s purpose is to expose the radical leftist takeover of our universities.

Jordan Peterson. Psychologist Jordan Peterson has risen to fame through opposition to government-compelled speech (transgender pronouns). Although standing up to SJWs is not his only focus, he does it very well, e.g. in this must-see interview with Cathy Newman.

Heterodox Academy. This group promotes a diversity of viewpoints on campus.