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  • Intro

    This is a must-read Guide for young college students who care about real justice, fairness, and clear-thinking. It is an antidote to the Social Justice indoctrination that has become common in American universities, and increasingly starts in high schools and even middle schools. This is not an easy time to be attending our nation’s colleges […]

  • What Is Justice?

    The term “Social Justice” implies that the SJ program dispenses justice. But does it? First, what does the word “justice” mean? Here are a number of bedrock principles for a justice system that is fair: Individuals are assumed to be innocent (unless proven guilty). For example, we do not assume that an individual person is […]

  • Identities

    You might not have thought much about your identity or identities before. You might have just thought about yourself as a person. However, when you arrive at college, you are likely to be taught that what you thought you knew about yourself was wrong. It’s a mistake to just think about yourself as a human […]

  • Power and Privilege

    A “Social Justice Warrior” may tell you that white cis male Christian hetero people have all the power, and therefore they have “privilege”. And because people with those identities have privilege, there is one set of rules for people with privilege, and another set of rules for everyone else. So, for example, a white person […]

  • Implicit Bias Hoax

    SJWs have a problem. Their world-view depends on blaming the problems of black people (and other minorities) on white racism. However, there is very convincing evidence that in reality, racism is a small problem at this point in time. For this reason, it is very common for SJWs to cite historical racism, and through magical […]

  • Who Actually Has Power and Privilege?

    “Privilege: A group of unearned cultural, legal, social, and institutional rights extended to a group based on their social group membership. Individuals with privilege are considered to be the normative group, leaving those without access to this privilege invisible, unnatural, deviant, or just plain wrong. Most of the time, these privileges are automatic and most Black Lives Matter: The Truth

    No one could reasonably argue against the statement that black lives matter (although, oddly enough, some people argue against the statement that all lives matter). However, beyond that simple statement, there is much that comes out of the rhetoric of the BLM movement that has little to do with the truth. The main claim of […]

  • Micro-Aggressions and the Problem of Fragility

    The former first lady, Michelle Obama, recently weighed in on the problem of racial insensitivity, with an anecdote about what happened to her at Target. Only, the funny thing is that she told the story two different ways. In 2014, in People magazine, Ms. Obama bemoaned being asked (by a short person) for help getting […]

  • Apologizing for your Race

    If you are white, and the SWJs can get you to the point of apologizing for your race, you are in trouble. You have been convinced to accepting a form of racism against yourself. (Exceptions noted below.) Bernie Sanders, in the 2016 presidential race, has called for the country to apologize for slavery. “One courageous […]

  • Social Justice End Game

    The SJ program has an end-goal, with a methodical process for leading you there. First they want you to buy into race-consciousness, by heightening your awareness of your racial identity. Next, they want you to accept that white privilege exists, and that it is the BIG problem. Then, they want you to accept responsibility, as […]

  • Are Social Justice Warriors Brainwashing Students?

    Business vector created by Vectorpocket – When I first began writing this manual, I fully expected the answer to this question to be “no”. However, after looking into it, I will have to say the answer is at least “maybe” or “somewhat”. I am quite disturbed by my findings. Most SJWs do not engage […]

  • End the Brainwashing

    Image modified from Business vector created by Vectorpocket – Fortunately, it is possible to ensure that you will not be brainwashed, and it is possible to teach SJ theory without brainwashing students. The defenses which work against brainwashing can also work against the SJWs pseudo-brainwashing—and in fact they can work even better. SJWs are […]

  • Inspiring: Professor Jason D. Hill

    This story is a wonderful, touching story, from the perspective of a black immigrant who arrived in this country with $120. Below are some quotes from “An Open Letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates”. “Because I write as a black immigrant who chose to live in the United States, whose biggest hope as a child was to […]

  • SJWs’ Logical Fallacies

    A typical SJW will be using one or more logical fallacies. It is helpful to understand the most common ones. It is unlikely that you can persuade a SJW that these logical fallacies pose any problem for him or her. If they stopped using logical fallacies, their program would be seriously impeded. As you will […]

  • Acknowledging our Country’s Past Sins

    Can there be a benefit to acknowledging our country’s past sins? After I’ve spent the previous 11 chapters dealing the SJ program some scathing criticism, you might be surprised that I would even ask this question. However, sometimes there can be a nugget of truth even in the midst of a heaping pile of lies. […]

  • Note to SJWs

    Dear SJW, First, let me commend you for reading something that is very critical of your beliefs and methods. Especially since, if you work at a strongly leftist institution, you could probably have stayed quite blissfully in the comfort of mutually-reinforcing viewpoints, otherwise known as an echo chamber. Next, I want to be very clear […]

  • Conclusion

    So, now you have the basic understanding that can allow you to: Avoid the “identity privilege” trap Expose the “implicit racism” hoax Thumb your nose at racial guilt Avoid or confront the campus grievance culture Avoid being brainwashed by activist professors Call out SJWs errors in logic AND MORE! What’s next? First, the most important […]